Not just another city game

Your employees are about to return to the office, even if only partially? 

Herculean Urban Battle (HUB) is a proven solution to reconnect teams within your company in a safe, sustainable and hybrid way.

Teams start the challenges online via our platform as a prelude to the physical event between colleagues. The event takes place in a city of your choice using our mobile app, allowing teams to carry out missions in various unusual outdoor locations.

The missions are diverse, accessible to different generations and adapted to your company's culture. Ideal for measuring and improving employee engagement in a fun way.


At work in 3 steps!

1. Determine objectives, number of participants, duration, location and date.

In a short introductory call, we want to understand your objectives. Our team will tailor the HUB to your needs and create a real engagement 
programme rather than a one-day event.

2. The battle begins online. Your 
is shaping.

In COVID times, the challenge is to activate and enthuse participants in advance to get maximum participation and return. This is exactly what our platform does.

3. Outdoor team finals, memories for life guaranteed. 

We reject all the clichés about classic teambuilding formulas because HUB is definitely different. All generations love it and gamification adapted to your company brings that little extra. The photo and video memories will keep you remembering this wonderful day for many months to come.

Happy reunion with colleagues

Seeing each other and experiencing things together is still the best way to get everyone on the same track.

Having trouble getting your employees together? Reassure them with our outdoor Corona-proof formula, available in all seasons and respecting teams per bubble. A formula that will start online weeks in advance. 

Reinforce the return to the office with this unique team moment. The Herculean Urban Battle contains all the typical Herculean ingredients: online and offline teamwork, action, fun and authenticity.

Each Urban Battle is tailor-made. This is the start of your new employee engagement programme!

In a practical way 

A dedicated corporate website adapted to your corporate colours allows teams to create an online identity, challenge each other and prepare for the virtual challenges as well as the physical event.  

The communication (emails, posters, flyers,...) is adapted to your corporate culture. We define together the online challenges to build the atmosphere. Integrate a walking challenge to encourage employees to walk? It's possible! Integrate your charity? You've got it! Map your employee engagement? We do it!

On the day of the event, everything is done live and in an interactive way. Each team respects its own bubble and participants use their own mobile device to launch the game with a QR code. In this way, social distancing is optimally respected.

Why not combine the Urban Battle with a meeting, brainstorming, workshop, dinner or leadership programme? We will be happy to assist you thanks to our 20 years of experience. Let us surprise you in complete safety!